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They may not be the most exciting element of a home’s exterior, but gutters play a very important role in protecting your home. They prevent water damage, keep windows from leaking and rotting, and most importantly, protect your home’s foundation from deteriorating.

We recognize the importance of quality gutter products built to last, which is why PG Contracting offers gutter installation and repair in conjunction with our roofing and siding services. We sell and service quality seamless aluminum gutter systems, as well as gutter covers for customers throughout Monroe, MI.

Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Low Maintenance: The most obvious benefit to installing new seamless gutters is the maintenance – or better put, the lack thereof. Gutters with joints tend to accumulate debris and clog, whereas new gutter systems rarely have that problem. Far less cleaning and maintenance will be necessary with new gutters, especially when combined with gutter guards.

Prevent Leaks and Floods: Unlike older, jointed guttering systems, seamless gutters won’t leak. You don’t have to worry about water accumulating along your foundation walls because of gutter overflow or leakage.

A Perfect Fit: Seamless gutters are cut precisely to fit your home. They’re designed to match the exterior without being obtrusive or unsightly.

Improved Aesthetics: Sectional, jointed gutters may be easier to install, but they certainly don’t offer the clean lines of their newer, seamless counterparts. If curb appeal is a concern, seamless gutters are a much better option.

Aluminum Gutter System

5” and 6” Gutters and 2×3” and 3×4” Downspouts

Not sure what types of guttering your home needs? No problem – we can help! Customers often ask us about the different gutter and downspout sizes. A normal installation of new gutters usually requires 5” guttering and 2×3” downspouts. These are the most common sizes for standard homes. However, in certain cases, the larger sizes are a better choice. For example, homes with shake shingles or newer tile/slate roofing may require 6” gutters and 3×4” downspouts to accommodate larger quantities of rainwater. The overhang from these products, especially when combined with a high(er) pitched roof necessitate the larger size.

Gutter Colors and Styles

The newest guttering products are available in many materials, including copper, aluminum and steel – although most people choose aluminum gutters in more traditional colors like white, gray, and beige. Most manufacturers offer at least 15-20 different colors to choose from, so you will likely find the perfect shade to complement your home’s exterior.

Whether you have rainwater drainage issues, water in the basement, or ugly gutters that just aren’t doing the job, please contact us as soon as possible to learn more about how we can help solve your problem!

Our Remodeling Services

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